Megan McCarver
Yoga Therapist and Meditation Instructor

"Yoga therapy is the professional application of the principles and practices of yoga to promote health and well-being within a therapeutic relationship that includes personalized assessment, goal setting, lifestyle management, and yoga practices for individuals or small groups."
- International Association of Yoga Therapy

Megan McCarver, C-IAYT, IYA, M.A., is delighted to be a mind/body care provider for over 30 years, specializing in Yoga Therapy, in-home sessions, or online. To learn more about Yoga Therapy and Wellness with Megan, click here.

Private Sessions
Private Sessions: work one on one in your private home or on Zoom, to receive an individualized therapeutic plan that is customized to meet your specific health needs. Whether you are living with a chronic condition (feeling unrested or not at ease) or looking to upgrade outdated habits in your daily living, why not receive the appropriate tools and practices to assist you in achieving your health and well-being-related goals? Tools and practices include movement, breath work, meditation, personalized self-care, uplifting conversations, Yoga education, and lifestyle modifications for greater harmony. I am still accepting one-on-one clients for late Spring and Summer appointments.
Registration: simply email me at

Group Yoga Class on Zoom
Every Monday and Wednesday, 10:00 am PST.

It's a great group and includes a same-day audio recording of the class emailed to members and a V.I.P. discount for all happenings including our Annual Redwood Forest Fall Retreat in Santa Cruz. Registration for Group Yoga Class on Zoom: simply email me at

Costs: $108.00 per month, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Payments can be sent via Zelle at the number 949-280-9968. Student and extenuating circumstance discounts are offered, so reach out if this applies to you.

Mindful Meditation on Zoom
Every Tuesday, 11:30-12:30 pm PST.

Mindfulness is the outcome of a successful meditation practice, guided by a skilled teacher and performed either alone or with a group of friends. It cultivates your wholesome mind-body relationship with yourself and gives you new perspectives on handling your relationships. Meditation is a “practice” (like playing the violin), so the more you take lessons, the better you get! Not only does it leave you more confident and clearer in your day-to-day, but the practice of mindful meditation lifts you to a more positive state of mind.
Registration Link: Mindful Meditation on Zoom


Annual Redwood Forest Yoga and Meditation Retreat
Return during the Fall of 2023.
Mark your calendar - the date will September 8-10 2023.
Click on the link below to read some reviews. And do come back soon for our sign up link.




Rest and Relax with a Body Scan
LINK: Megan's Rest and Relax Body Scan Video

Yoga Photos

Dharmika Asana

copyright Megan McCarver

Sapurna Maha Mudra

copyright Megan McCarver

Bhujanga Asana

copyright Megan McCarver

Bhujanga Asana

copyright Megan McCarver

Ekapada Uttanapada

copyright Megan McCarver

Uttanapada Asana

copyright Megan McCarver

Uttana Asana

copyright Megan McCarver

Meru Asana

copyright Megan McCarver

Parshvakona Asana

copyright Megan McCarver

Garuda Asana

copyright Megan McCarver



Patient Centered Compassionate Care

from N. in Mission Viejo, CA

"Megan's encouraging approach coupled with her empathy, understanding and knowledge makes her a devoted and caring teacher, she truly takes the time to connect with, and focus on the needs of each individual evoking a wonderful sense of caring and well-being."

Stress Endurance

from R.B. in San Clemente, CA

"I was referred to, Yoga Therapy with Megan, due to two herniated disks in my lower back. Megan was very knowledgeable! Megan showed me positioning techniques, and focused body mechanics which reduced my pain during our first meeting. Megan also enlightened me on the benefits of breathing/relaxing techniques which aided both in my recovery and everyday life! I would recommend, Yoga Therapy with Megan, to anyone recovering from an injury, dealing with pain, or in need of stress relief!"

Yoga Retreat in the Redwoods

from J.M.

"The retreat was wonderful! A few days of fueling the mind and soul. The location was beautiful. The people were amazing. The lessons were priceless. Megan puts a lot of care into creating something special, and she succeeds. Treat yourself to this incredible gathering."

Yoga Retreat in the Redwoods

from Z. S.

"My my partner and I attended the LOMB retreat with Megan in September of 2022 that proved to be a spiritually connecting experience of our life. Away from all the chaos of mundane everyday activities and obligations, we were present living and feeling every moment of the day. I highly recommend this retreat."

Recovery From an Accident

from A.G. in Laguna Niguel, CA

"Following an accident that left me depressed and feeling that I would not be able to return to my active lifestyle, including rigorous exercise. Megan and her style of teaching put me back on track. Now, yoga is part of my daily life and I owe Megan credit for her gentle guidance and compassion."

Life Coaching

"Megan is an expert at yoga and meditation - among other things related to wellness and I'd say, Life Coaching - she helped me tremedously when I thought I'd reached the end of my former flexible self. Not so! She's the best!"


Megan is accepting new clients for Yoga Therapy and mentoring on zoom and in-person.
To find out more or to schedule a Yoga Therapy session - please click HERE

Zoom or In-Person

Online Classes and Yoga Therapy Now Available both on Zoom or In-Person.